4 daily hours of on-court training
1 hour of physical conditioning and multi-sport activities
1 hour match play
• Oriented toward players who want to live out an intensive tennis training experience, in combination with recreational and cultural activities.
• Initiation and improvement of basic shots
• Technical and tactical work in three areas of on-court play
• Tennis focus physical conditioning
• Optional competition program


Fees incluye:
• Housing in a family house 
• supervision (7 days a week)
• 3 meals a day
• UTR tournaments (1 per week)
• UTR membership
• Transportation to tournaments, club, gymnasium, restaurants, entertainment places, etc
• Laundry
• Membership gym LA fitness 
• Use of 8 tennis courts at the club during off training hours
• Use of tennis balls during and after hours of training, (300 per basket)
• Use of internet to get in touch with family and accomplish school work.
• Coaching of all tournaments